HoUSe modular housing scheme by Urban Splash

HoUSe is a new type of modular home, designed by award-winning architects ShedKM and built by regeneration developer Urban Splash. The factory-built HoUSe is available as a two or three stroey town house and is customisable in terms of layout and room numbers. Prices start from £280,000 for a two storey town house and £345,000 for a three-storey.

Urban Splash has been developing its modular portfolio for around 10 years. The company’s first foray using offsite technology was at its Moho development in Manchester’s Castlefield. However, since this initial development the developer has turned its attention to rolling out its customisable town house – HoUSe. The first HoUSe scheme was completed in New Islington in Manchester in 2016, with two further sites underway in Manchester and North Shields and plans for a fourth site in Birmingham, which has recently received planning permission.

In February 2018, Urban Splash announced that it had agreed terms to acquire certain trade and assets of SIG Building Systems, including SIG’s modular factory in the East Midlands, all the IP and patents of its modular housing system and around 70 staff. At the same time the developer also announced that architect and Channel 4 presenter George Clarke and North West tech entrepreneur and founder of, Noel McKee would join the Urban Splash Modular Ltd business.

Further reading:

HoUSe by Urban Splash

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